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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Kargil: Thousands of people in Kargil, dressed in black, took the mourning processions on the tenth day of the lunar month of Muharram, to mourn the biggest tragedy of humankind on Ashura on 15 November, 2013. Ashura marks the day when Imam Hussain, along with 72 of his companions, was martyred in a battle against the second Umayyad caliph in Karbala some 14 centuries ago. Imam Hussein is referred to as “Lord of Martyrs” by Shia Muslims and is remembered as the symbol of freedom and dignity. Zuljana and Taazia processions took place from the adjoining villages of Kargil town, passing through Main Bazaar Kargil, Islamia School Kargil and concluded at Inqlab Manzil and Hussaini Park. The two main organizers of the processions were Anjuman Jamiyat Ullumma Asna Ashriya (Islamic Society of Kargil (ISK) and Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil. Different organizations and voluntary groups has arranged stalls who offered water, Kehwa, food items etc and has placed vehicles for carrying the mourners to health camps. "Whatever we are doing for Imam Hussein is nothing compared with what he has done. We are all blessed by what we are doing here to serve food for his lovers and followers”, said one of the volunteer. At the concluding day of Ashura, Hujattul Islam Wal Muslimeen Sheikh Nazir Mehdi threw light on the importance of the day as well as on the philosophy of Karbala. He said that to maintain peace and humanity one should follow the path of Imam Hussain the leader of humanism. Vice President Islamia School Kargil offered Ziyarat-e-Ashura and later General Secretary ISK Hujjatul Islam wal Muslemeen Sheikh Toha thanked the District Administration particularly Deputy Commissioner Kargil Fida, Hussain, SSP Kargil, all volunteers, Stall owners, and volunteers of Youth Wing ISK for their participation for the smooth conclusion of the processions. Special mourning gatherings were also organized at Poyen, Akchamal, Goma Kargil, Balti Bazaar etc where speakers threw light on the life and philosophy of Karbala. Earlier Hujatal Ul Islam wal Muslimeen Aga Syed Mustafa Mosavi during his speech at Imam Khomeini Chowk Kargil said, “we should thank the almighty that we are born in a democratic country where we can freely observe our religious processions without any fear as in our neighboring countries, people are being killed every now and then in Imam Barghas and Mosques making it difficult to observe the processions. We should follow the path of Imam Hussain and should always think for the prosperity and development of our place rather than indulging in pity politics”. Sham-e-Gariban was also observed after the prayers in the evening at all the places of Kargil and the main procession during the Sham-e-Gariban was started from Qadeem Imam Bargha Balti Bazaar and concluded at Islamia School Kargil. - See more at: http://reachladakh.com/kargil-pays-tribute-to-hazrat-imam-hussain

Monday, November 18, 2013


By Stanzin Angmo, Monday, November 18, 2013 Leh: Table Tennis Association, Leh organized a Table Tennis Championship for the first time in Leh at the Indoor Stadium. The championship began on the 1st November and had its final on the 16th of Nov, in which the participants competed under various categories as, Under 17 Boys and Girls singles and double & senior women and men singles and double. The final match included Under 17 boys double, senior men and women singles. Under 17 boys double was won by SOS boys over Lamdon boys, while in the senior single category Niada Bano and Irfan Hussain won their respective titles. Chief Executive Councillor Leh Rigzin Spalbar was the Chief Guest on the final day and he distributed the trophies among the winners and runner ups. President Anjuman Moin-ul-Islam Saif-ud-Din, Councillor Upper Leh Gen. Lobzang Nyantak, Deputy SP Leh Abdul Khaliq and other guests were also present on the occasion. Earlier the President Table Tennis Association Leh, P.T. Kunzang welcomed all the guests and gave a brief introduction of the newly formed Table Tennis Association. He said that this Association was formed 6 months earlier and it will be affiliated with J&K Table Tennis Association after this tournament as directed by them. Talking about the benefits of being affiliated he said besides the players from Leh being able to participate in all the state level competition, we will also get some funds to organize such tournament in Leh from the J&K TT Association as promised. He also stressed on the need of encouraging such sports especially in winters while the students have their vacations and are free. He drew the attention of the CEC towards some needs in the field of indoor games/sports and said that though the Council do have plans to build a new and better indoor stadium but for now the stadium that we have need some attention. “In winters it gets too cold to play any game in here due to absence of heating facilities, the generator is also not good enough, the lighting inside the stadium is poor and most of all we need better equipments like more tables etc.” On the occasion CEC Rigzin Spalbar expresses happiness to have formed the Table tennis Association in Leh and congratulated the members for the same. He said that the youths of Ladakh are very talented in the field of sports but unfortunately they don’t get much opportunity. But for the future he said there will be great opportunity for them as within two, three years there will be sports facilities and infrastructure, as the foundation for the open stadium has already been laid and for which we have received 22 crore. Along with that we have also got 7crore for an Indoor Stadium in Leh. He also promised to act soon on needed work to be done in the present Indoor Stadium and said that a sum of rupees 54 Lacs have been approved in a special funding to renovate this Auditorium. He encouraged forming such Associations and Clubs which will promote sports among the youngsters. He added that the winters in Ladakh should be promoted as a Sports season and encouraged to have different kind of sports. He said anyone who is interested in organizing such events should do it and he promised to provide the needed funds if they face any difficulty regarding funds. The evening ended with a vote of thanks by the Vice President Table Tennis Association Leh Thupstan Wangyal. Besides thanking the Chief Guest and other dignitaries present there he again stressed on the need of a TT Table on which the CEC promised to give them two tables.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


The Himalaya Insight approach to Ladakh from Kashmir Valley via Kargil is approx. 434 Km, which remains open for traffic from early June to November. The most dramatic part of this road journey is the ascent up the 11,500 feet 3,505 m high Zoji-La, the pass in the Great Himalayan Wall that serves as the gateway to Ladakh. The J & K State Road Transport Corporation (J&K SRTC) operates regular Deluxe and Ordinary bus services between Srinagar and Leh on this route with an overnight halt at Kargil. Taxis (cars and jeeps) are also available at Srinagar for the journey. Groups can charter Deluxe and A-class buses for Leh, Kargil or Padum (Zangskar) from the J & K SRTC at Srinagar.

Manali to Leh - Since 1989, the 473 km. Manali-Leh road has been serving as the second overland approach to Ladakh. Open for traffic from around mid-June to early October. This high road traverses the upland desert plateau of Rupsho, altitude ranges from 3,660m to 4,570m. A number of high passes fall enroute among which the highest one known as Taklang-La is world's second highest motorable pass at an altitude of 17,469 feet/5,235m. Himachal Pradesh Tourism, HRTC and J & K SRTC operate daily Deluxe and Ordinary bus services between Manali and Leh. The bus journey between Leh and Manali takes about 19 hours or two days with an overnight halt in camps at Serchu or Pang. Maruti Gypsy and jeep taxis are also available, both at Manali and Leh at quite reasonable rates.

Srinagar-Leh 434 Km
Manali-Leh 473 Km
Srinagar-Kargil 204 Km
Delhi-Leh 1047 Kms
Leh-Kargil 234 Km
Kargil-Padum (Zanskar) 240 Km
Leh-Deskit (Nubra Valley) 118 Kms.

Indian Airlines www.indian-airlines.nic.in operates 3 flight in a week between Leh and Delhi, 2 flights in a week from Jammu and once in a week from Srinagar. Jet Airways www.jetairways.com also operates six flights in a week between Leh-Delhi and Kingfisher Airlines www.flykingfisher.com operates daily flight Between Leh-Delhi.

The cheapest way to travel within the region is by public buses, which ply on fixed routes according to fixed time schedules. The most comfortable and convenient though expensive mode of travel, however, is by taxi, which are available for hire on fixed point-to-point tariff. For visits to the newly opened areas of Nubra, Dah-Hanu, Tsomoriri, Tsokar and Pangong Lakes it is mandatory to engage the services of a registered/recognized travel agency for making all the requisite arrangements including internal transport. Detailed information about bus schedules, taxi tariff, travel agencies can be obtained from the Tourist Office or Local travels guide "Reach Ladakh", available at Book Shops.


Many families along the Indus River at Spituk fell victim to unusual freeze that led to river water diverting into inhabitated places forcing many including local migrant labourers and Tibetan refugees abandon their houses caught up in the midst of ice and water. Many agricultural lands of the main village also remained covered under ice sheets until situation got better lately with melting of thick ice layers enveloping the riverbed paving way for the water flow.

While most of the families abandoned the area some four families continued to live there hoping to retrieve their belongings from delipetated houses caught in the midst of thick ice layers and flowing water underneath. "I have my tools and generator set submerged in ice, said Tsewang Rigzin a carpenter who set up a small unit here to earn his livelihood.

Similarly, Pasang had grocerries worth around 60 thousand rupees in her collapsed house and shop in the middle of ice. Things were lying all strewn in damaged shop. Another victim Tsering Dorjey from remote Sku Markah valley migrated about 14 years ago to live here with his family as he makes his living by working as labourer in nearby army establishment. His house with cracks and collapsed walls bared the room floors covered in ice.

We were caught unaware of the sudden water and ice in the middle of the night on January 24, and had to cross to safety in chest deep ice and water making our feet and body numb, Rigzin said. The water-block walls along the bank was all submerged under ice as the entire river stretch from this end to the other side was all covered by thick undulating ice sheets.

The Spituk bridge had ice layer touching beneath its surface giving an indication of the thickness of the ice that has caused the blockage of water flow underneath its sheath and then cuasing diversions at loose boundaries. Army in its bid to try blasting with explosives at certain points left one of them injured severely.

Reasons behind this unprecendented phenomenon, as per official assesment, was blockage at Phey village due to debris and boulders that came along with August flash flood in Phyang village rivulet damming the river causing the gradual freezing from that point which was exarcerbated by extreme temperature (around minus 30) in Leh at that time. NHPC on request of LAHDC Leh breached the blockage by removing the boulders with the help of a special JCB machine.

The impact has been drastic leaving many families homeless and agricultural lands covered by ice sheets, a scene never witnessed before according to Tsering Chondol 56 a resident of Spituk village, whose house also developed cracks forcing her to abandon it and live elsewhere. Three houses also got affected in the main Spituk though the other houses close to the river too were threatened by this rising of ice sheets and water seeping into lands along the river.

Gatuk Tsering (64), a Tibetan refugee working as road labourer, has been living with her three sisters. Their house was in the midst of thick ice and river water, and they were lving in a single room of relatively safer neighbor's house. Similarly four other families were using this single house as their only place to live as all their houses have either collapsed completely or submerged in ice and water.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Locals in Ladakh took part in a hunger protest to express their solidarity with exiled Tibetans protesting against Chinese oppression.

Over 200 people participated in the event.

"Our main motive is the same as sought by the Dalai Lama. We will silently sit in hunger strike and protest," said Takpa Chimet, a group leader.


Leh: Though adventure tourism has proved to be a money-spinner in Ladakh, it has also caused a major environment hazard. It is so because of the tons of garbage left behind by trekkers.

Tonnes of garbage in the form of polythene bags, soft drink cans etc. are left behind in the pristine countryside by trekkers.

Keeping this in mind, the Wildlife Department and Youth Association for Conservation and Development, a forum of youth in Hemis National Park, conducted a 10-day clean up and awareness drive between Chilling and Nimalung in Markha Valley.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Rimo club deafeated ITBP two goals to one in II Winter Tourrism Promoition Cup in a close fought match at Karzoo Ice rink today in Leh.

After the match, in his address Chief Guest Rigzin Spalbar promised to make the professional ice hockey stadium, being constructed close to the Council complex, at least ready to begin playing though it would take couple of more years for this stadium to become full fledged.

He also mentioned about the potential in this game to promote winter tourism, and in order to spread publicity about this game worldwide and attract teams from foreign countries plans are under way with various collaborations such as with Canadian Embassy team, who has been visiting to play in Leh for many years.

Later prizes were given away to winner, runner up and second runner up Skara team, apart from felicitations to speed skaters for winning many medals in an international meet at Dehradoon earlier this winter. The organisers Ladakh Winter Sports Club and District Sports and Youth Welfare department also announced on the occasion the Women ice hockey competition and CEC Cup tournament to begin soon.