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Jullay! Welcome to Himalaya Insight – we are a group of adventure tour outfitter who are passionate about the mountains in the Himalaya and trekking. Himalaya Insight is started by Abid, a Ladakhi and an adventure trekker who has been working in the adventure travel industry for more than 14 years. His passion for the mountains and his in-depth understanding of the people, customs and culture will help to provide excellent service in the customising the various types of tours and treks that will suit each individual and group. Together with him, Himalaya Insight also has group of dedicated experience trek guides, cooks, trek helpers, whose commitment is to see the smile of their client at the end of each treks. Our friendly staffs in Delhi Bangkok and Singapore sales office are there to help provide as much travel information, quotation and itinerary, before you embark on the great adventure into the Himalaya.

Friday, October 2, 2009


SOLJA DON-LEY Please take tea.
Where are you going?

NGA LEH_A CH'AT Im going to leh
NYERANG-I-MINGA CHI IN? What is your name?
NGE...NAY IN LEY im from....
GONPA KA-NEY YOT? Where is the monastery?
CHI INOK? What is this?
TSAM INOK? How much is it?
HA-GO-A? Understand?
HA-MA-GO I dont understand
HA-GO I understand
NGA SHA ZA-MET I dont eat meat
BUS PO KARU CH'AANOK? Where is this Bus leave?
BUS PO NAM CH"AANOK? When does the Bus leave?
CH"USKOL SAL LAY Please give me boiled water
DIK-LEY Thats enough/ Thanks or its ok
DIG-GA-LEY? Is it okay?
LADAKH MAA-DEMO DUK Ladakh is very nice,beautiful.